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Top Spring Nail Colour’s


Nail polish has really become part of every girls fashion statement and this Spring there are so many nail polishes and designs to choose from. I have picked a few from the most popular brands out there and come up with this Springs most wanted colours and designs!!

BarryM have many Pastel Colour’s in their range this Spring and colours like this for only £2.99 are something not to be missed!   Nail Paint – Blueberry Ice Cream


This striking OPI polish is somewhat more pricey at £11 but is said to be one of the best. It is chip free and lasts up to two weeks. These striking colours don’t necessarily fit in with the Spring trend of pastel but their striking colours will draw all the right attention.
Rimmel are not alone when it come to  their ‘Crackle’ collection, however at a £3.99 is one of the best priced. Everyone is trying this new craze and this Midnight Blue could be the perfect colour to start with.
MAC tends to be a brand recognised mainly for their make-up, however they also have a range of colours to offer also. Usually sticking to the eye attracting colours such as neon this pink is no different. At £9 you get what you pay for with this brand.






Topshop have only recently launched a nail polish line and its already been a massive hit! This glitter pink is priced at a reasonable £6 and draws all the right attention. Topshop offer all varieties of colours including Springs pastel trend. This pastel purple has been seen on all cat walks and is really a lovely colour! At only £5 you have a bargain.

They’ve even packaged together three of their best selling colours and are selling them for £12

With these few colours just as an example of what great things you can do with nail polishes there’s no reason why you can’t be up to date with all the Spring trends! You can start with a pastel colour and move on to the glitter colours, or if you fancy something more exuberant then the crackle designs may be more for you. There is something for everyone even if you want a clear polish.

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