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Review: Wax Bar and Jukepoint



If you go down to New Briggate tonight, you will find Wax Bar and Jukepoint.  Three guys, Lee, Andy and Marko run this small, unique establishment. Not only do they share an enjoyment of well mixed drinks, between them they also have a combined musical expertise you would be hard pushed to rival.

Two elements set Wax Bar apart from other bars in Leeds.  While classic cocktail options are available, the main cocktail menu has been tailor designed by Lee with consideration for fruits that are currently in season.  All the fruit purees that go into the drinks are freshly made and garnishes are not pre cut either.  There is also no wall of unidentifiable spirits, but a careful, visible selection that clearly has been thought about by the owners.  This bar is not about showing off how many bottles can be crammed on a shelf gathering dust!

I sampled two drinks, Jamaican Cobbler (£6.50) and Wax Spring Punch (£6.50). Both drinks were fantastically fruity and had the fresh taste of something you would buy at a smoothie or juice bar, only with the added fun of being rather alcoholic.

The other distinctive aspect to Wax Bar is the focus on the music, which undoubtedly has the same level of importance as the drinks they serve.  There is a large and varied selection of vinyl that customers are able to sift through and play themselves on the record players.   The 1970s jukebox also has a wonderful list of nostalgic songs to choose from.  The idea that the customer is the DJ means the playlist is always brilliantly eclectic.

In keeping with the musical passion, each Thursday of the month is specialised.  Currently there is a reggae night, psych night and a soul night with plans to introduce a 1950s doo-wop night in the near future. Lee also intends to develop drinks to accompany these events.

Wax Bar may be shoebox sized with more selective drink options, yet this is what allows it to be distinctive.  For an alternative bar experience, choose your drink, pick a record and enjoy!

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