Review: Hepworth’s Deli

Hepworth’s Deli is the latest venture from chef Joe Hepworth. To date, Joe has prided himself on his catering company, Hepworth’s Kitchen that provides weddings and events up and down the country with fantastic food that he creates single handedly. He still caters events on Saturdays but these days he is usually found at the deli, not only making the food, but serving his customers as well!

The deli is no exception to Joe’s appetite for good, simple food done well and with careful consideration of his customers and what they like. During the day, a varied selection of sandwiches and salads are available made to order. If you are passing by in your lunch break, for £4.95 you can have a freshly made sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink, far better than anything you could pick up at the supermarket! Joe will also take orders in advance and deliver right to your desk if you are unable to pick your food up in person.

If you are shopping in the city centre and need an afternoon revival, the deli also offers tea or coffee with a choice of homemade cake for £2.55; far more enjoyable (and cheaper) than anything you would have at a chain coffee shop! There are also plans for an afternoon tea deal in the near future.

On Sunday’s, the deli offers brunch all day; dishes include eggs benedict and American style pancakes. However, if you are planning to visit, choose your moment carefully as seating is very limited, the only real downside to the whole place!

Overall, Hepworth’s Deli is a great little stop off point if you are in the city centre. There are very few places where the boss is as visibly involved in the day-to-day running of a place. So pop in and say hello to Joe and co, you will be guaranteed a much brighter lunch break or afternoon pit stop. Be sure to pick up a sandwich and a coffee loyalty card as well, because you will be back.

Address: 21 Thorntons Arcade, Leeds

Leeds Uncut