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Review: Brewbar Espresso

brewbar espresso


From previous articles, many are aware that I appreciate good coffee and try to seek it out wherever I am.  Leeds has many independent coffee shops popping up across the city.  My latest hunt for a caffeine-hit lead me to Brewbar Espresso, the coffee shop under Leeds Art Gallery, attached to the gift shop.  However, it is not just frequented by visitors to the gallery. During my stopover, many people wondered in and out for a coffee break or for a peaceful place to work.

Three guys, all with a love and more importantly an unmatched affinity for coffee, run the establishment.  They are self-trained baristas and use their wealth of knowledge to source the coffee they sell and make it into fantastic drinks.  Not many places go to the trouble to make the leaf pattern in the milk on top of your chosen coffee, yet this is standard practice at Brewbar.  Lattes are also served in glasses, which is different to anywhere else I have been and allows you to see the skill that goes into making one properly!

Sandwiches and baked goods are available but not homemade. The focus here is very much on providing you with fantastic coffee in bright, comfortable surroundings. The space itself is decorated with art on loan from the gallery as partnership between the two.  The music playing comes from ‘albums of the month’ chosen by the baristas, demonstrating their other passion as well as coffee.

While this may not be the place to go if you are after a homemade treat to go with your coffee, the coffee alone is reason to drop in.  The boys are also happy to chat away about music, art or anything else for that matter.  If you work locally, 15% discount cards are available to you.

Address: Under Leeds Art Gallery, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 3AA

Twitter: @BrewbarEspresso


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