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‘Real Estate’ to play the Brudenell Social Club in February

Real Estate NJ Band

New Jersey’s Real Estate grace the Brudenell Social Club on Sunday 19th February. The much talked about four-piece released their second full length player ‘Days’ late last year. Building on the spacious, dreamlike tones of their self titled debut from 2009, their sound is a warm, beach boys-esque guitar pop that’s driven by sullen drones that are both vibrant and melodic.  It’s largely typical of a few hyped US bands out there, but Real Estate seem a more tight and together outfit than most of their counterparts. A retro vibe is complemented by a song writing ability often lacked by their peers.

Early numbers like ‘beach comber’ reveal a simple, upbeat sound that washes over you in a beautiful summery haze. When the track opens with the line, ‘What you want is just out of your reach’, it’s instantly obvious that here is a band with not only a rich sound, but something deeper lurking beneath the surface. The melancholic, intricately woven guitar lines and laid back vocals are executed perfectly.

Recent singles ‘It’s real’ and ‘Green Aisles’ retain this atmosphere while demonstrating a more developed and precise sound.  The tunes are catchy and melody driven; trebly reverb and delay hit you throughout and there’s a unique personality on display here- ‘Days’ gets better and better with each listen; hearing the album as a whole piece is massively rewarding.

While many British guitar outfits are finding it hard to find a relevant voice, the US has recently been producing bands that, while rooted in the past sonically, have provided a refreshing resurgence of relevant and exciting indie pop music. Real Estate, now signed to the hugely influential Domino label, promise to be a live act not to miss.

Support Gross Magic will no doubt bring an upbeat start to the night. Brighton based Sam McGarrigle fronts a unique project that draws from 80s synth pop, glam and grunge to create something that’s instantly likeable. It sounds like it shouldn’t work but definitely does. Make sure you get down early to catch these guys. Doors open at 7pm.

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