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John Bishop comes to Leeds City Varieties


City Varieties is home to some of Leeds best comedy shows, and this week is no exception. A League of their owns funny man, John Bishop is show casing this month from the 13th to the 15th June and all profits from this show go to charity. Come and sample some of the material for his up and coming tour Rollercoaster which starts late September. Tickets start from £16 and can be purchased here.
John Bishop started his career in late 2000 and since then has raised the stakes in popularity. The Liverpool born comedian has featured on shows such as Skins, Michael McIntyre’s road show, Live at the Apollo and his most known role in a panellist on sports comedy show A League of their Own.

City Varieties is a great venue to see the best comedy acts at low prices. Many acts do preview tours to test out their material for up and coming tours. Tickets tend to cost no more than £18 at the most. To see more up and coming acts at City Varieties visit their website.
To watch some of John Bishop’s hilarious past tours click here.

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