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How to Achieve the Perfect Fake Tan


Our bodies are so sun starved in the winter, that the moment there is a hint of sun bare arms and legs come out and the winter wardrobes are put back into storage.  However, the most important thing that needs doing before we can fully transition into our summer dresses is to get the perfect tan.  And seeing as most of us can’t afford a quick mini break somewhere to get the real thing, we need to resort to the the stuff from a bottle.

To achieve your perfect, streak free tan, there are several things to take into consideration.  Firstly, exfoliation is key.  Any type of exfoliator will do, and you can even make some from things around the house; mixing sugar and olive oil to make a paste is a great alternative.  Apply all over your body when dry and then rinse it off in the shower with shower gel to get all of the oil off.

The next essential is either a fake tan mitt, which can be bought in any Boots or Superdrug, this prevents any streaks and stops you from getting orange nails or dark bits in between your fingers.  The only issue of using a mitt is that you end up with white hands.  To correct this, squeeze a little bit of tan onto the back of one hand and then use the back of your other hand to rub it in.

Now you must decide which self tanner to use.  For those happy to break the bank, at £30 the best fake tan out there is St Tropez, which can be bought at any Boots.  However for those who find that exessive, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Gel is a perfect alternative, and can be bought at any Boots or Superdrug, it’s great as it can be used on your face, aswell as body.  Finally, if you need to be instantly tanned and can’t wait for your colour to develop over night, St. Moritz instant tan is the only one to use, and it can be bought for less then £3 on Amazon!

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